my experience working with a professional product photographer

When I started my shop, I had always been used to doing everything myself - it cut down on cost to be a "one-woman" show, so when it came time to crank out product photos - I decided it was all me. I could do it. I didn't have the money to pay for product photos by a photographer and why couldn't I do it myself?

So I went out with my basic camera, shot in natural lighting and a sheet and a small table in my backyard, then would pull them into my Photoshop program and fix them up a bit.

This is an example what I came up with for product photos:

Could be worse - but lets be honest -  you can tell that these weren't done professionally, the lines and dimension were less than ideal and no exactly - "You NEED me in your house" quality for my products. The photos above aren't that bad, but still they aren't as appealing as needed.

Local sales were good - the customer could see the product in person whether it was by seeing it on display on my husband's desk or by me having a product with me at a networking meeting - but my online sales?

They were less than ideal, and no where I needed them to be.  I had to do something.
So I talked to the fabulous Candy, with Verte Photography, an eco-friendly product photography company in TX about shooting my photos. I needed to do something and I had seen her product photography work before and with her eye for great shots and her talent I knew my business couldn't afford to keep the photos that I had.

I needed photos that had no distractions and highlighted my products giving them the attention they deserved because I knew the quality and uniqueness of my products.  So I took the plunge.

And let me just say "WOW."

Having professional product photos in my shop has seriously made all the difference. I have compliments on my shots all the time and how great my products look and how appealing they are.  My products practically sell themselves. Why? Because they photos are high quality, there are no distractions and my products are the stars of the show.

Your photos are the first impression that the consumer and potential customer receive online.  When you have someone purchasing online they can't hold  or feel the product, they have to be able to get as much from the photo you have posted as possible.

Let me give you an example - when you go grocery shopping and you are looking at the name brand versus the store brand - although most of the time  the store brand is cheaper, would you be more inclined to take home the one with best product photo on the front of the packaging?  If there was no price difference - would the best product photo the one that makes your mouth water be the one that would win? Even though the product in the other box probably tastes the exact same - it could be the photo that sells it to you.  We are visual beings.

So, when it comes to your product photos make sure you are making that customer want and need your item - your photo needs to sell it all for you because no matter how articulate your product description is - it's the photo that sells it.

Whether you go with the same photographer as I do, which I do recommend her as she is super affordable and great, find someone that that can give your products the justice they deserve. Your product sales and your pocket book will reflect all the difference, and you won't regret it!

Verte Photography is actually running a free product photo shoot opportunity for a limited amount of shops based on availability (Find out more here).


  1. its all about showing your product in the best way possible

  2. I have to say that going back and looking at some of the pictures I took myself of my jewelry from years ago and then comparing them to the ones I just had taken a week ago by Verte Photography was like night and day!

    How true Kristina this is! It's definitely worth the investment and I will keep choosing professional now over the other whenever possible!


  3. Great reading, I have been thinking about it

  4. You are definitely right, why are you looking for product photographer when you can possibly do it yourself? Based on the photos, you have the skills indeed!